Hockey Betting with Totals Method: Differences from NBA and NFL

Betting on the total score of a game is not something new; baseball and football fans use Totals method to wage on their favorite teams. However, with hockey betting, there are some small differences. While betting with Totals on hockey games is popular, scores in hockey game are usually too small. While NFL and NBA events can result in scores above 20, the biggest scores in hockey are usually just between 4 and 5. Therefore, sportsbooks usually have special way to conduct Totals method on hockey game.

How to Conduct Totals on Hockey Betting
Since final scores on hockey game are usually low, betting with Totals on hockey must be tweaked a little bit so the sportsbooks can also get some profits without ripping off the bettors. They will adjust odds for each team to reach certain scores, instead of simply adjusting the actual numbers of scores like what they do on American football, basketball and baseball.

In this betting method, hockey bettors guess numbers that can be higher or lower than the actual score, usually on 5 to 6.5 at most. The bookmarkers or sportsbooks will adjust the odds depend on the majority of bets that people use, whether it is under or over.