What is Puck Line in Hockey Betting Game?

Hockey is a game that presents many opportunities to get money and even decent income through hockey betting. There are various methods use to bet in this sport, but many beginner bettors usually start with money line. However, if you do not like being restricted in simply choosing the winner and loser, you can bet using a method called puck line.

Popular Puck Line as Hockey Betting Method
Popular among baseball bettors as run line method, puck line is still simple but not as straightforward as money line (which just puts wager on the winning or losing decision). In puck line, you can bet on winning team or losing team, and you can get result from both, unlike in the money line where you cannot get money if your chosen team loses. In this method, you use the odds on either favorite team or underdog team, and you put your wager on the winning point odds.

The common odds are 1.5, so you can bet two ways: taking 1.5 points from the unfavorable team or laying 1.5 points on the favorite team that has big chance of winning. Therefore, you can still get money from both whether the team loses or wins.